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Point Calimere Wildlife Bird Sanctuary

The Point Calimere is situated at the southern end of Nagappattinam District, Tamil Nadu, the Point Calimere region was first identified as an area of high significance in conservation of birds. As the monsoon recedes, the water gradually dries up and by the end of January most of the water in the forest and low lying areas becomes saline. The water dries up completely by the end of January, leaving behind hardpacked mud, which gradually turns into soft powdery dust as summer advances. The other habitat types include stretches of open grazing lands (ca 7 km2), especially at the southern and western portions, some mangrove vegetation bordering the Muniappan lake and near the lighthouse, and dune vegetation on the coast. The habitat varies seasonally in the eastern two-third part of the GVS. It is a continuous sheet of shallow, fresh/brackish/saline water (depending on the season) during the monsoon and during the period of the southwesterly winds (May and June). At other times, the waterspread area dries up gradually north to south up to a few kilometres, creating mudflats and shallow pools. he average rainfall ranges from 1000-1500 mm (Meher-Homji 1984). The highest temperatures (ca 34°C) are recorded in May, and the minimum (ca 25°C) in January and February. Humidity remains relatively high and constant throughout the year. A marked feature of the climate of this region is the strong southwesterly winds during May and June. The soil deposits are essentially of fluvial and alluvial origin, besides sand dunes. These alluvial deposits have risen to the ground level, thereby exposing the soil to inundation only during high tide.

Salient Features


Criterion 2 : supports olive ridley turtle (vu) and several species of birds like spot-billed pelicanm(nt), oriental darter (nt), black-headed ibis (nt), spoonbill sandpiper (cr), spot-billed pelican (nt),asian dowitcher (nt), great knot (en), indian skimmer (en) and painted stork (nt)
Criterion 5 : supports more than 20,000 water birds which includes both resident and migratory birds such as terns, gulls, ibises, egrets, herons, storks, pelican, ducks, cormorants , small waders.
Criterion 6 : supports 1% population of spot-billed pelican (nt) and black-headed ibis (nt) .
Criterion 8 : the diverse habitat such as lagoons, estuaries, mangroves and coastal water act as nursery and enhances the fish productivity. Fishes use the site as breeding and feeding ground and also as a migratory path.



Site NamePoint Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary
Site No 1210
Declaration Date 19.08.2002
Designated Date 19.08.2002
Co-Ordinates 10°17’22’’N - 79°25’52’’E
Area Extent ( Hectare) 38500
District Nagapattinam , Thiruvarur & Thanjavur
Elevation ( meters) 0-6
Depth (m) 2.7
Rainfall (mm) 1280
Salinity (ppt) 45 ( summer)
Wetland Type Salt swamps, Mangroves , Backwater , Mudflats
Grass lands and tropical dry ever green forest
Soil Clayey sandy
Water pH 7.5
Water TDS ppm 4236
Water Conductivity μS/cm 2750